Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finally! (Proof Cupcakes Exist): Susie Cakes, Newport Beach + Manhattan Beach

I never got onto the cupcake train except for my last visit to Greece in the early Spring of this year when I tried to explain to my Greek and Italian friends what a cupcake was. They just laughed at my description (and odd enthusiasm) and then an hour later would ask me to explain what a cupcake was again (for their own entertainment). It was like a unicorn. It was even more like a unicorn when we stopped in Greece's former capital of Nafplio to find my twitter/bloggette friend, Liz of Cupcakes.GR's , cupcake shop.

We trekked through town happily searching the streets.


We walked into random tavernas and kafenions asking for "cupcakes" and all we got back were blank gazes and "Den Kseros" I don't knows.

Finally we found a phone number for Cupcakes in Nafplio but they were not open yet so at least my friends didn't think I was making all this up. Liz is still fighting old municipality regulations to open her shop but in the meantime, whipping up some snazzy cupcakes (i.e. Saffron Cupcakes, Greek style black forest cupcakes...) for weddings and other events. Back at the ranch here in Southern California, I finally went to Susie Cakes and had a red velvet cupcake.

I know, I know. That was sooo 2008.

Even people that I've never seen a speck of cookie crumb pass their lips have told me the Red Velvet at Susie Cakes is the best (err, maybe I shouldn't trust them in the first place?) and those of trusted sources have given their nod of approval. One day after having coffee with the Mathlete I noticed the sign and popped in for one of their signature "Frosting Filled" Red Velvet Cupcakes ($3). Coincidentally a week later, my friend Jenny located me basking in the sun at Manhattan Beach and pulled up under the pier with a "surprise" of the exact same cupcake (from their Manhattan Beach shop). It was a delicious moist cake tasting strong of vegetable oil (which appeals to me) and tangy-sour whipped cream cheese frosting. A yummy second to Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock and proof that cupcakes do exist.

Susie Cakes
Multiple Elitist Locations in California


weezermonkey said...

You know what's even better than the cupcakes at Susie Cakes?

The sugar cookies.

Freakishly delicious. They're like Pringles. Once you pop, you can't stop.

Helen said...

Hey there, Just popping in to say 'hey' and let you know I really have enjoyed reading and drooling over your food reviews.

Being Greek myself, I have experienced first hand, the flippant attitude of some Greeks about anything different or unfamiliar to them in the food world. Why is that? I guess if their yiayia didn't make it then, it not worth talking about. LOL!

I love cupcakes, always have and even when the fad has passed, I'll still seek them out. Cheers! H

Ivy said...

Cupcakes are new to Greece and we have learned making them through blogging.

I must reply to Helen though and tell her that if Greeks came to America and they talked to them about Trigona Panoramatos or anything else completely unknown to them, I am sure they would react the same way :)

Diana said...

So glad you liked Susie Cakes! But still a second to Auntie Em's? I think I need to do a taste test on this one!

Helen said...

Ivy, you're probably right that people in America would find "Trigona Panoramatos" a strange name. It's all Greek to them :) Being a foodie however, I'm enticed to learn more and so I searched online and discovered it is a Greek pyramid shaped fyllo pastry filled with custard. It looks delicious. Thanks for introducing me to something new.


Banana Wonder said...

Weezermonkey - I will get those sugar cookies next time! Thanks for the hot tip!

Helen - Kalostine Eleni! Thanks for bringing up some interesting points. I had Trigona ap to Panorama (while visiting my dad's alma mater) but it was too sweet for me (just like most cupcakes are!).Where in Greece do you live?

Ivy - Hah good point about the Trigona! But I think in general, people like things triangularly shaped (especially if it has some kind of chocolate drizzled on it). Maybe I am biased :)

Diana - ahem, YES you need to go to Auntie Ems and I need to go with you!

The Real Chef's wife said...

I love Susies Cakes! I bought a red velvet full size cake for my husband's birthday and took it to Mozza and it was gone in 60 seconds. I also bought one for my mom's birthday and I am a total fan now.

Helen said...

Hi Anna, I used to live in Greece many years ago but now I live in Canada, in Ottawa to be exact, the nations capital :)

Alisa-Foodista said...

Interesting post :) Thanks to the internet and food bloggers we have a better appreciation of cupcakes and wouldnt happen to have a recipe for that would you?

Banana Wonder said...

Real Chef's Wife - Yum! I bet a full cake would be even moister than their cupcakes?!

Helen - cool! I used to live in Athens too and worked with a Greek-Canadian from Ottawa...maybe you know her! haha

Alisa-Foodista - I have never made trigona - perhaps Ivy has? That's a good question! I will look into this and get back to you:)

Anonymous said...

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