Friday, June 18, 2010

Eat My Blogology! Eat My Olive Oil Cake!

I will be making the winner of my Olive Oil Cake Smackdown using olive oil that I'm currently importing from Greece (same olive oil chosen by Marriot chefs in Greece, from friend's village) for charity bake sale Eat My Blog benefiting the LA Food Bank tomorrow, June 19th at Tender Greens in West Hollywood.

See you there @ Tender Greens in WeHo!


The Scootabaker said...

were your olive cakes the little rose shaped delights?

tobias cooks! said...

Never seen the oil before. Looks good though.

Banana Wonder said...

Scootabaker - Yes! Those were mine! Hope you enjoyed :)

Tobias - It's produced in the Metilini region, small time.