Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remos Live in Los Angeles: Αντώνης Ρέμος!

In other non-food related news...

Greek Pop Star sensation, Antonis Remos, known as simply Remos, came to Los Angeles for the first time a few weeks ago for a concert at Nokia Live in downtown LA. He's considered to be one of the best Greek singers in the last decade so when a Greek star travels 17 + hours from Athens to perform for the small Greek community of Los Angeles, it is a big deal.

My super kefi (Greek word for having high spirits) friend, Jenny, secured us $145 dollar seats at a table in front. A month prior to the event, the flow of text messages had started:

...don't forget to bring your camera!
...we're going backstage to meet him!
... we are not sitting on the balcony what-so-ever!

Alternative to smashing plate: chucking carnations

Bouzoukia style table setting

I know I said non food related, but we actually got some snacks at the concert. Of course, no Greek ever starves. Each table got plates of mezze ala Wolfgang Puck.

Purple cauliflower found at Remos concert. Only in LA.

Melitzanosalata, hummus, and farro salad with pita chips

Farro, lentil and mint salad. Good job, Wolfgang!

Jenny pulled some strings and got us backstage before Remos went on.

Despite being the camerawoman for the night, I managed to get in one of the pictures with Remos at his room backstage. Yes, that's a Lady Gaga hair bow.

And let the show begin! 

Proof of a good show: lots of carnations left on stage

The show ended, but we continued to dance, although I had to take it easy after suffering back and neck injuries from a car accident (and Nokia continued to play the Greek and Armenian beats we can groove to). My non Greek friends who've been exposed to Greek dancing can confess they are changed persons afterward.

I sneaked into another photo! We couldn't stop dancing :)


Diana said...

Would I be considered a kefi friend? My spirits are almost always high! Except when I'm hungry. :0

Peter M said...

I lurve that pic of all the garifyla in the much did they charge for each?

Jenny said...

What a fun night! Remos...come back!

Banana Wonder said...

Diana - you too have super kefi, especially when fed taramousalata ;)

Peter - Poulane gia 20 dollaria! panakrivo!

Jenny - Bravo good times, super kefi 4 life!