Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chew, don't choke, on this: Artichoke Pizza, NYC

After hearing both GG and Panos yap in my ear about Artichoke Pizza, I made a mad dash for a slice the evening after consuming 3 doughnuts and some cookies earlier that day making an executive decision not to be the poster child for a healthy diet on this particular day. Plus, no New York trip would be complete without gracing my lips with a slice of tomato, er in this case, artichoke, pie.

The menu is pretty straight forward. But I only saw people leaving the small brick space with 1) a slice of margarita or 2) a slice of artichoke & spinach.

I was tempted by the "Big Gulp" beer

And of course, there was a line with lower east side hipsters and tourists from Asia.

Epic line: sign of good things to come

Although the margarita pizza was tempting and makes for the most perfect judging platform of good pizza, I felt compelled to order the joint's namesake's pie.

The margarita for next time

It was creamy artichoke and spinach goodness with punches of pecorino romano on top of a chewy, airy dough. If I had never had spinach and artichoke dip, I would have liked this slice much more. It was like good pie crust smeared with the dip and baked in the oven. I would have liked more spinach, more artichokes, and more cheesy tang atop my pie. The crust, however, was of the perfect New York city air and water dough, slightly sour with a good amount of bubbles.

Next time I'm going margarita

Artichoke Pizza


Maria said...

Sounds good! Need to look it up myself as I've never tried pizza there before.

Banana Wonder said...

Maria - yes please go, if anything, for me and try their margarita. That's what I would do if I went back :)