Monday, May 24, 2010

BAKELAB IS FAB: Bakelab, Los Angeles

Kissing my hand and pointing up to the sky, giving a shout out to my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Wishnack, aka the man who I made an everyday 6th period hell for via in-class stink bombs, fake friend drama ploys used to escape class to see school therapist for "counseling" and all the times dissecting worms, frogs and cats in which I would save body parts to decorate girls bathroom with.

Yes, I was that girl.  And poor Mr. Wishnack died a few years back.

He would call my mom begging her to convince me to become his ally, thus swaying the majority of class to be truly jazzed for 7th grade science, but after being cooped up all day in hormone central junior high all we really needed was a field trip.

Luckily, field trips in the name of science, ahem, still exists today for adults.

Cookie field trip

I got the opportunity to visit Bakelab headquarters on national chocolate chip cookie day not only sampling owner/baker/founder, Kristin Feuer's, esteemed chocolate chip cookies, but also her entire cookie masterpiece collection and get a schooling on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Kristin daring us to eat some dough

Epic chocolate chips cookies: caramelized dough, crispy edges with chewy center

An amazing texture sensation of crispy on the top and soft-fluffy-chewy happened as I bit into my first lemon sugar cookie. How did she do it?

 Lemon sugar: bright, lemony and happy

Kristin later explained the secret is rolling the dough twice in sugar to create that magical crust that keeps the integrity of a toothy chewy cookie. She is a scientist/inventor at heart.

Ginger Molasses: Pure genius!

The oatmeal raisin are every girl scout's dream come true with large raisins and hearty amounts of oats.

Oatmeal Raisin: Go human go!

 I noticed the particular name of the "peanut butter sandwich" cookie but didn't question it, even after biting into the most perfectly peanut buttery innards of my quartered cookie. It was my favorite cookie of the day and I didn't even really like peanut butter cookies. Kristin later explained the sandwich part was the magic of two pb dough balls sandwiched between a glob of peanut butter before baking.

The peanut butter cookie that has ruined me

She makes graham crackers as well. I brought a sampling of the cookies to some of my friends the next day and this one was favored by my friend Ziad with some espresso.

Look Ma, Homemade graham crackers!

The iced oatmeal destroyed that other version you may have had growing up.

Say goodbye to Mother's brand and say hello to Bakelab's Iced Oatmeal

The Bakelab gals were so kind as to provide us with organic milk to wash it all down. I never drink milk (the #1 question of how I became a six-footer), unless there are deserts involved. I drank three glasses.

Got cow juice?

Kristin doesn't just bake cookies, she makes cupcakes. The chocolate of the cake flavor really shined through due to the prudent levels of sugar Kristin uses in the cake batter. She explained the vanilla buttercream frosting to owning up to a heartier sugar content to compliment the chocolate cake. I really appreciate this philosophy as cupcakes today are just an overkill of sugar on the palate, killing all other flavors.

Serious cupcakes

And she makes coconut snowballs with I did not try but luckily she is selling them at Eat My Blog and not to Hugh Heffner's bunnies (not to be confused with tails).

Coconut snowballs!

Bakelab is a place of invention, perfection, art and the best cookies I've ever had.

Until the "lab" is open to the public, the goodies can be found at Oaks Gourmet in Franklin Village - Los Angeles or at Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City or ordered online at:


gourmetpigs said...

I want more Bakelab cookies, I want mooore. *crave*
Oh those peanut butter and ginger molasses cookies. Best. Ever.

Diana said...

I think we all need to have another field trip. Between Fiona, you and me, we could easily polish off a dozen, right? ;)

Kung Food Panda said...

These looks SO good. I think I can clear a dozen easy. Sadly, this Panda is on a diet. Nothing crazy for awhile....

Banana Wonder said...

Fiona - I want more cookies too! Maybe we should pool our money with D takes a B and buy a dozen for fun? ;)

Diana - Agreed!

Danny - Panda only eating bamboo these days? What's this?

sophia said...

Gosh, you lucky duck. I used to hate field trips, but a field trip to sample an array of cookies...well, no displeasure there! ;-)

Banana Wonder said...

Sophia - Still want another round of those cookies! If so, I'll holler at you ;)