Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shark Fin Souping it at: Seafood World, Westminster, CA

And then there is the Chinese seafood experience in the heart of Little Saigon.
And my first time ever eating Shark Fin soup.
And my little brother getting married.
Since my sister-in-law is Vietnamese we had the wedding reception in true OC Vietnamese tradition, at a Chinese Seafood joint.

Our first course was the Seafood World Special Cold Plate. It was a bright plate filled with gelatinous delights: jellyfish, Thousand Year old eggs, Vietnamese ham, along with an assortment of pickled vegetables. This platter was not for the faint of heart or picky eater type. The textures of the egg and jellyfish combined with an off-setting sweetness is an acquired taste I'm still working on. But I really liked the spirit and color of this visually stimulating platter.
Seafood World Special Cold Plate: Cold, sweet and gelatinous

I've had shark meat once in my life, when I was 8, and rejected it at first bite. Isn't there some code in the animal kingdom not to eat animals that can eat you? This was my first go at Shark's fin with crab meat soup. It was rather light and I didn't see any serious jaws fins bobbing out of the bowl like I imagined. The thin shreds of crab meat rounded out the delicate flavor of the soup. Not my favorite soup in the world, but it was exciting to try.
 Look who's on top of the food chain now: Shark's fin and crab meat soup

The shrimp with honey glazed walnuts are always a crowd pleaser. Our particular portion came with succulent, perfectly cooked shrimps glazed in a slightly sweet sauce with candied walnuts. Please nobody tell me that the sauce used is really mayonnaise because this was one of my favorite dishes of the night.
Sticky and Sweet: Shrimp with Honey Glazed Walnuts

The scallops with crab meat sauce were also delightful: scallops were again perfectly cooked so there was still a bounce on the outside without any rubber on the inside. The crab meat sauce provided a delicate, sweet flavor contrasted by the slightly bitter broccoli.
Scallops with Crab Meat Sauce

I had big grandiose illusions hopes for the Seafood World Lobster Special. The sauce was rich with the umami flavors of soy with a touch of sweetness and little green onion zing. The actual meet was slave labor to harvest. I think I just began to suck on the shells instead.
Seafood World Lobster Special: Extra pair of hands needed

The Seafoof World's Bird's Nest was cute and calamari filled. No one actually ate the nest, and I still wonder if it ever gets consumed. At this point, I don't think we'd consumed any carbs unless you count the baby corn. The seafood was generously portioned, however I am not a fan of squid cooked in this fashion because it always seems to come out rubbery.
 Seafood World Bird's Nest

When we got home my dad proclaimed the pork to be his favorite of the night. Uh, dad, we just went to a Seafood joint, that was actually fish. The crispy fish in lobster sauce to be exact. I hadn't had fish sticks in a long, long time, but this was like a grown-up version of the Van De Camps. The outer coating was perfectly crispy while the inside was light and flaky. The lobster sauce was sweet and heavily laced with that orange chili sauce that comes in a large bottle.
The other, other white meat that swims: Crispy Fish in Lobster Sauce

After being carb starved for the last 7 dishes, we were finally granted with some Seafood World Special Fried Rice. No need to get your trousers twisted for this one. It was basically fried rice with shrimp. Maybe the word Special got blotched with Shrimp?
Carbs at last! Seafood World Shrimp Special Fried Rice

 We finished off the feast with a light desert of sliced oranges with logan. It reminded me of my AYSO soccer glory days.
Post AYSO soccer match AND Seafood World Feast: Orange slices!

For the next several hours I suffered a mild MSG hangover with headache and bloating symptoms, but all in all it was a delicious and festive feast.

Seafood World
15351 Brookhurst St Ste 106
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 775-8828


stuffycheaks said...

looks delicious! Esp the jellyfish and the lobster special, but you are right, too much work for the latter! Besides, the sauce is the best part anyway. yum

Diana said...

TALF, I hate to tell you this, but honey walnut shrimp? Definitely made with the white nasty stuff! Which is what makes it so very very very delicious! :)

Banana Wonder said...

Stuffycheaks - Still working on the jellyfish taste =)

Diana - Nooooooooo!!! I don't think I'll ever look at another honey walnut shrimp the same =(

SinoSoul said...

I love wedding banquet jelly fish!
I hope your bro made out with MAD bank after the banquet, cuz that's how Asians (even half) roll
I need to find you a Chinese brother so you, too, can have your own Chinese banquet, which, IMO, might be just as annoying as a big ass Greek Feast.
I uhmm.. know of a place selling $6 honey walnut shrimp, but I can't remember where the F it is.

Banana Wonder said...

Tony - LOL. You do? You would. Asians and Greeks know how to throw a party, no doubt! Kinda grossed out about the honey walnut shrimp now that I hear they make it with mayo =((

The Hungry Hippo said...

Ha! Your dad is too funny!

Banana Wonder said...

Joan - yeah, really? I don't know how you can confuse pork and fish...

Gastronomer said...

This post is getting me excited about my CHINESE WEDDING BANQUET in 10 days!! Woooooooot! There will be no shark's fin soup at my wedding. Poor little sharks.

Banana Wonder said...

Gastronomer - Where are you having your banquet bash at? The shark fin soup is over rated and my mom almost protested funding a cause, but didn't want to jeopardize tradition.

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