Friday, April 23, 2010

The New Mafia Hot Spot: Sofia Italian Steak House, West Roxbury, MA

We drove out to West Roxbury, which sounded all very exotic to me coming from California, to dine at an Italian Steakhouse which sounded very bipolar to me, but maybe that's because I'm from California.

Inside was like a new old mafia hangout. Leather booths and dark oak everywhere, but it was all factory fresh - no old mob lint to be found in the nooks and crannies of our booth. It was kind a movie set.

We started off with a bottle of Duckhorn 2007 Merlot. I have visited Duckhorn in person and was really impressed by their full bodied merlot. It was a good wine to start out with our appetizers, not like a heavy California Cabernet that would have killed the delicate seafood we were about to dive into.

Merlot: Not just for your grandparents.

We went kind of crazy on the appetizers. After sailing around in a MIT (shhh don't tell my dad and gramps, Caltechers) boat all afternoon we'd built up a serious appetite.

The Maryland Crab Cakes per my request, arrived in meat patty form decorated with caviar and something to the tune of Hidden Valley ranch from the squeeze bottle. I didn't bother with the sauces and went straight for the sweet crab lump cake. It was the real deal crab cake, with huge chunks of meat. None of that canned tuna fish looking stuff. We had to order another cake since I wasn't good at sharing :)

Maryland Crab Cake making the rest look like crap.

The Calamari Fritti, spiked with sweet chili sauce and hot banana peppers, was a lot of fun. I wasn't expecting the array of flavors and textures but the sweet, hot and crunchy worked marvelously together.

Calamari Fritti get funky fresh and dressed to impress.

The Baked Blue Point Oysters were lost with the creamed leeks and asiago cheese. The sharp asiago overpowered everything else, and although I do love asiago, I was hoping to taste some oysters in there.

Oysters: Lost and Not Found

The Tuna Tar Tare was ridiculously fresh! The stack of tomato avocado salad, ultra fresh tuna, micro greens drizzled with truffle infused balsamic was incredibly delicate but with just enough acid from the vinegar and tomato to brighten the flavors. It melted in my mouth. Truly the best tuna tar tare I've ever had.

Textbook Tuna Tar Tare

We chose a bottle of the juicy Qupe Syrah to go with our entrees.
I selected the Pan Seared Day Boat Scallops with porcini and asparagus risotto, baby arugula, white truffle oil and that stuff that looks like Hidden Valley Ranch from the squeeze bottle. The scallops were perfectly cooked with a toothsome crust yet keeping their tender milky flesh inside. The risotto was a nice earthy -spring combination with the two veggies. Oh, and I love arugula. I avoided the white stuff. It was just not necessary and kind of creeping me out.

Good Scallops. Scary white stuff.

Two of my dinning compadres selected the Pan Roasted Sea Bass with red tobiko and chive butter accompanied by a lobster and corn risotto. I was lucky enough to get a bite and it was extremely fresh and cooked perfectly.

Sea Bass plate envy.

A cow sacrificed its entire lower back and my friend ate it. An entire Grilled 24-ounce Porterhouse Steak. He cut it all into bloody manly sized pieces and devoured it (with some porcini gravy on the side) like the Tazmanian devil.

 'Ol Bessie's lower back. Now in my friend's tummy.

And a side of macaroni and cheese to go with the steak. I tried a bite and it was nothing crazy delicious. Continue eating scallops.
Snore Mac & Cheese

My friend ordered the nightly special Fillet Mignon and Lobster stack with mashed taters and asparagus. The lobster was very tender and sweet while the steak was like butter. Decadence!

Watch out Sizzler, there's a new Surf and Turf in town.

Nothing finishes off a delicious dinner better than a warm chocolate dessert so the molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream was in order. It was a great ending to my first day in Boston!

Warm chocolate gooeyness

1430 VFW Parkway
West Roxbury, MA
(617) 469-2600


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