Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fat Avo, Skinny Strip Mall: Slow Fish, Huntington Beach, CA

Tucked away on a sleepy strip mall on the north side of Huntington Beach is a little Japanese restaurant known by locals for their black "forbidden" rice sushi and the fat avo.

When my Significant (m)Other asked my little brother, Alex, where he wanted to go out for his birthday dinner he looked over to his domineering thoughtful sister. I mentioned the specialties and he was sold. Boom.

We started off with the Fat Avo ($8): a whole avocado "apple" filled with seared and mildly spicy albacore. It was a delicious ball of buttery yum looking lates 80s cutting edge. It could almost be in a music video with Billy Idol.

Fat Avo Deconstructed

Then, my dad started another one of his episodes warranting laughs from neighboring dinning patrons as he attempts a dance with the Fat Avo.

The ahi tuna salad ($13) was a delicious mess of seared tuna on a bed of fancy greens (i.e. the most expensive and in the smallest bag that you could find at your local Trader Joe's) with a tangy ginger-sesame dressing add a few gobs of siracha.

Ahi Tuna Salad fun

Since it was his birthday, I let Alex select the rolls. Slow Fish gets an A+ for presentation. Their rolls come to life, however we screwed up and forgot to order the rolls with black rice.

Caterpillar Roll: standard
(bomb!) Baked Lobster Roll: Cali rolls topped with grilled onions, lobster chunks and bonito flakes

Slow Fish Roll (that needed to slow down with the sauces):  Soy paper tempura roll with baby lobster, masago, topped with chopped bell peppers

Birthday boy insisted on an Alaskan roll so they made a special one just for him. The fish was very fresh.
The Alaskan Sassin spotted in Surf City!

The Significant (m)Other doesn't do raw fish, even though we didn't really order any, so she went with the Teriyaki Salmon ($13) with house made teriyaki sauce. The sauce was truly fresh and had a nice zing to it.

The real deal Teriyaki Salmon

My sister-in-law, aka the girl with the Greek Vietnamese name loves scallops. So the orange scallops ($8) with orange miso dressing were to be had.

Because orange scallops look better on black plates

The birthday boy received the most interesting look dinner birthday desert I've ever seen. One tempura fried caramelized banana, one scoop of green tea ice cream, one poky stick, one maraschino cherry, one sprig of parsley and one whiz of whipped cream all topped with a candle. Alex, I hope you never forget this.

Slow Fish
16051 bolsa chica Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 846-6951


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Pretty and very appetizing! A great place!



Banana Wonder said...

Rosa - thanks - pretty 80s sleek!

The Hungry Hippo said...

oh...maybe i have a reason to visit your hood..

Banana Wonder said...

Hungry Hippo - i know the fat avo is more interesting than me, so hey whatever gets you down here is fine by me!

CaliforniaKat said...

My sushi chef in Cali (Walnut Creek) used to fashion a face on the 'catapilla' roll, with two fish roe for eyes and sprouts for antenna. It's cute.