Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Cali-Greek Lenten Feast

A comical version of Greek Easter:

...In the meantime we are still fasting with less than a week to go until the lamb, Spiros, gets mascaraed and devoured.

"I made vegetarian food, you should come over after church" 
my Greek-Californian friend Jenny whispered to me as I shuffled in next to her in the back pew at church on Palm Sunday. 

No "hey, what's up"  but that's typical Greek to talk about food first. As we continued our back pew banter discussing our search in church findings (negatory) we decided to hit up our local Greek market, Papacristos,  afterward for a few extra goodies for the feast. Papcristos is making some killer sesame kalamata bread these days plus they have the largest selection of Greek wine around (our selection for the vegetarian feast being Moschofilero).

Jenny or Tzenny prepared a truly Greek feast using fresh ingredients from the farmer's market and/or her own home grown: an actual portrayal of the traditional Mediterranean diet that has sadly been loosing ground in modern Greece. Or maybe this is just Cali-Greek cooking for you. Either way I was lucky to be her guest at her super cute 1920's Torrance abode.

Organic horta aka red swiss chard
Grilled Asparagus

Traditional Greek "Cole Slaw": shredded cabbage with vinegar, olive oil, and salt

 Kalamata Olive and Sesame Bread from Papacristo's

Jenny's homemade hummus

Gemista: Stuffed peppers with brown rice, barely, zucchini, garlic and garden herbs with homemade tomato sauce

Now fellas, Jenny is single so if you want a date, contact me. Just know there is a very stringent interview process. 

Good times with the moscofilero. A week from now we will be stuffing our pie holes with lamb.


Peter M said...

Anna, lovin' those stuffed peppers! We're almost there (Easter Sunday) and you'll be rolling around in meat!

Kali Anastasi!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

LOL ;-P! Lovely dishes!

Happy easter and enjoy the food!



Banana Wonder said...

Peter - Can you believe I've never actually made gemista myself? Sack religious!

Rosa - Happy easter to you too!!

SouthBayGuy said...

Two beautiful women and all that good food. Who wonderful life can be?

So what's a good retsina from Papa Cristos?

Banana Wonder said...

SouthBayGuy - Thanks :) I am not a big drinker of retsina. I really have only tried to version BevMo sells and it's ... piney.

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

Haha i love that you made this part blog post part personal ad for your friend :). Homemade feasts are the best! Your friends is quite the cook. Greek cole slaw is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Banana Wonder said...

Natassia - hah yeah, working on those interview questions now =) The salad usually has grated carrots in it too :)

John said...
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