Sunday, April 25, 2010

Are Designer Doughnuts the new Cupcakes?: Doughnut Plant, NYC

After reading the Gastronomer's and the Kung Food Panda's reviews of New York City's Doughnut Plant and hearing countless stories of doughnut deliciousness on twitter I elected doughnuts to be my first NY breakfast. I recruited my friend GG, aka Women's Shoe  + Handbag Designer Extraordinaire, and we headed towards the fabric district in the lower East side where ze Plant is located.

There was a line.

There were anxious moments of waiting and nervous chit chatting with the lady in front of us until finally it was our turn.

Doughnut Tease

We decided on four doughnuts plus a delicious organic coffee for me so I don't go psycho.
We ordered a coconut creme because I love coconut and the clerk highly recommended it, however GG is not a fan of the tropical bounty, so this was all mine. It was soft and yeasty with a pleasant fresh coconut flavor. The creme inside was not too heavy or custardy. Everything about this doughnut was coconut and I did start getting a little coconut OD towards the end.

Coconut Creme, not for the faint of heart

We definitely had to have the creme brulee doughnut. Especially since the lady in front of us kept mouthing off about how good it was. The doughnut itself was much smaller than the other ones, but I was impressed to see an actual burnt sugar coating on top. The innards were filled to the max with thick vanilla custard. This was a very naughty doughnut :) Basically desert.

What doughnut dreams are made of: Creme Brulee

Per GG's request, we sampled the Blackout, a cake based doughnut made with dark valrhona chocolate featuring a ring of chocolate pudding inside. I'm always skeptical of cake doughnuts being a little on the dry side, but this was anything but, although a tall glass of organic whole milk would be the ideal pairing for the blackout if I *had* to do it all over again.

Beam me up to The Blackout

The tres leches was the most delicate of our sampling. It was not overly sweet like the creme brulee and had a pleasant condensed milk ring inside of its moist cake structure. I appreciated the simplicity of this doughnut and how it paired perfectly with my coffee.

Tres leches shared by dos amigos

Good stuff at the Doughnut Plant. I was tempted to go back again during my short stay in Manhattan, but there was just too many good eats in NYC to return. Next time!

Doughnut Plant


Kung Food Panda said...

Amen sister, amen!!! I too could use a return to Donut Plant, and I don't even like donuts usually!!! It's just that good...

Unknown said...

Err. I just had two rice cakes for breakfast. Not exactly the same :( You didn't say whether you ate again the same day or whether you were full!

Peter M said...

Donuts are yum but I do not each them as much. They have competition with cupcakes and muffins, cookies,etc. If I were this business owner, I would branch out/not stick with just donuts. How many (oink) did you have?

sku said...

Thanks for the review! I'll be in NY this week and this is one of my must-stops.

Banana Wonder said...

Danny - I could use another one of them too. PB & J ?

Cupcakes - Rice cakes are good with PB, but it's hard to find in Greece. I ate some cookies after that then pizza for dinner. Not the poster child for healthy eating that day ;)

Peter - I had 4 :)I believe they make cinnamon rolls too but if a place is called Doughnut Plant then they kind of have to stick to it.

Sku - YES I am so jealous of you. I will be posting more of my NY eats this week. Jealous, can you bring me back a doughnut? ;)

sku said...

By the way, what day/time did you go and how long was the line?

Diana said...

Gaaah you guys are killing me with all the doughnut talk!!! So which one was your favorite? I don't think I'd ever be able to decide on an order!

Banana Wonder said...

Sku- I went around 1pm (late breakfast! lol) and the line was about 20 mins long. This was a Saturday.

Diana - My fav was the coconut but I think if I had tried the PB + J that would have been my fav. They were all so good.

CaliforniaKat said...

So unfair. I can't even get a good donut here, and then you show me Donut Plant? Despair!

I miss NY for its food, not weather. And it's quite dangerous to visit you when I'm hungry.

Banana Wonder said...

Cali Kat - Indeed, the only good doughnut in Greece is the loukomade - not the impostor stuff.

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