Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are 6 Oz Chocolate Chip Cookies the new Cupcakes?: Levain Bakery, NY

"We are going to get the best chocolate chip cookies in town next,"

GG tells me while we were munching down like a duo of yuppie cops on our designer doughnuts.

My head was already starting to spin from the sugar rush of eating 3 doughnuts.

But, the spartan from within, nods her head with approval and we take off on the subway heading uptown. I had to be a spartan, afterall, it was was two Ironman (woman) competitors who met at a pool during training, striking up a mutual love for caloric laden chocolate chip cookies (a necessity for caloric starved Ironman trainers), and later launched Levain Bakery specializing in colossal six ounce cookies.

And this time I was happy to see another line and maybe buy myself some time for a second sugar eating wind. We had to walk down a little staircase to get inside.

 GG ended up ordering something to the amount of $80 worth of cookies ($4 each) to take to a party later that night, so all flavors (minus the Oatmeal Raisin Scone) were selected (and sampled). Cookies are the party pleaser :) 

I had to try my first cookie while inside the confines of the shop so I whipped out a baseball sized chocolate chip walnut, still warm from the oven.

The cookie that requires extra large parchment paper

It was perfectly warm and gooey inside, with an overload of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a few pieces of walnuts. It was everything a chocolate chip cookies should be, but to the tenth power. I don't think I could have just bitten into it like a burger if I wanted. It was that large.

Chocolate Chip Cookie on roids

Later that night I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter chip (GG's favorite) and the dark chocolate chip. Both are made with extra dark French cocoa Both insanely delicious although the peanut butter one was a better balance of sweet chocolate and slightly savory nutty goodness. 

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie. That is not a typo - there are two chocolates.

Cupcakes, what? There is heavy (as in ounces) competition in this town!

Levain Bakery
Upper West Side, NYC


Diana said...

Mmmm we both got some chocolate chip goodness on our blogs today! I think yours blows mine out of the water!

sophia said...

Um, wow. They look amazing. My heart is set on those oatmeal raisin scones. But oh, the price!

Banana Wonder said...

Diana - yeah I know! Us TALFs must be on the same wave length, go figure :)

Sophia - awesome to know someone appreciates the oatmeal raisin scones... but yeah, $$$ NYC prices