Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yuppy-Hippie vegan donut slump breaker: Whole Foods, Cupertino, CA

I couldn't stop yapping about them on facebook and twitter.
They were cakey, cute and 99 cents each (and maybe the cheapest thing at Whole Foods?).
And they were vegan.
And maple donuts are my favorite.
And the hue of purple from that blueberry icing a direct effect from real blueberry skins is so pretty.
And I hadn't consumed a donut for well over a year, unless you count the Greek fried kinds that are slug shaped or the other Greek fried version slung off a truck.

They were the most delicious, natural tasting vegan donuts I've ever had, albeit this was my first go at dabbling in the vegan donut genre. The donut cake was fresh with a spring to it complimented by the crackled maple icing tasting of the real stuff that comes from trees while the blueberry donut left me asking my friend Debra if I had anything in my teeth (i.e blueberry skins between two front teeth).
My two donut babies on a 100% recyclable Whole Foods napkin.
 Righteous Vegan Maple Donut

I went to Whole Foods again for breakfast since they have free wi-fi, vegan donuts and a zen-like atmosphere. And then I found the object of my affection in vegan form: the poppy seed muffin. So for, nothing has ever topped the glorious (and oh-so-fattening) Costco almond poppy seed muffin. Nonetheless I was glad to see that poppy seed muffins aren't going extinct in the Bay Area like they are in Southern California, probably because yuppies like poppy seeds? This version made by the Posh Bakery was dense and thickly laced with lemon. The muffin batter was dark, almost like it was made with whole wheat flour?

Found: Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin
Whole Foods Market
20955 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
*Vegan donuts consumed at Los Gatos location, but also available at Cupertino location.


Gastronomer said...

After indulging in so many doughnuts in Seattle, I've officially become an addict. Vegan or not, I WANT!

Doughnut withdrawals are the worst!

Banana Wonder said...

Gastronomer - Donuts in Seattle? Can't wait to read about them. I'm scared of the withdrawals cause I plan on hitting up Donut Plant in NY in a couple of weeks.