Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Starbucks, Keep Off! : Flocafe, Athens - GR

The corporate swines of America aka Starbucks (let's not get into that five star Scottish restaurant..McDo... ) have made a valiant effort in swaying caffeine addicted Athenians to come to the venti-paper-cup-green-plastic-straw side. Sadly, it has kind of worked, as most Starbucks I've been to in Athens are packed. Luckily, the almighty Flocafe, otherwise known by Greek-Americans as Greek Starbucks, lives on. To in-your-face globalism's display, my most recent visit to Flocafe was at a new American style mall, Golden Hall, in northern Athens. I really hate malls but for some reason my relatives always want to take me them - maybe I'm screaming mall rat and I just don't know it. God help me.
There she is, good ol flo!
Water served in glasses. No wasted plastic!
I ordered my stand by cappuccino. Flocafe's is strong with a dense layer of foam. Service comes with a warm cookie, of course. 
Aunt Mary shewed me off to look at over priced purses while she ordered some snacks to go with our java juice: a cookie and muffin. Wow, so not Greek. All of a sudden everyone in Greece loves muffins and big cookies.  Damn the person who invented muffins. The cookie person, we can let live. The Greek version of a muffin is a dark chocolate, dense and not overly sweet cake with some droppings of vanilla batter on top. Aunt Mary liked the muffin, I scoffed at it like a Greek American snob. The sad thing is that this muffin cost 2.2 Euros, which is a little over $3!!!! The cookie had white chocolate chips in it. Ugh. What happened to the koulourakia? Ol Flo is trying a little too hard to compete with Sista Starbucks.
You can see the damage for 2 cappuccinos, 1 espresso and 2 pastries. It kind of hurts, but you get to drink from real porcelain and waiters bring you your coffee. Old school style. Hang in there Flo!
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Peter M said...

Anna, I avoid Starbucks (where I can) but their wifi gets people in there too. As for FloCafe...leave them be too. Support a small/independant coffee shop.

Shopping malls in Greece? I cringe...preach it sista.

Diana said...

The only mall I like is South Coast Plaza. When my mom and I go there, we get tea from Coffee Bean and chocolate chip cookies from Vie de France. Best tradition ever. :)

Banana Wonder said...

Peter, I went to Starbucks across the street in Psihiko and had to pay for WiFi!! And I bought a 3 euro cappuccino. Flocafe tolerable, but yeah, I'm with you on the indie cafenions.

Diana, Yap, I agree. South Coast is the best, esp if you're jacked up on tea and cookies from the Coffee Bean.

CaliforniaKat said...

I never go to the Evil Empire, I mean Starbucks. But everyone who visits me wants -- hmmm, no, needs -- to know where the closest one is located. One day they're going to put something in the coffee and take over the world.

Malls in Athens and Greece, in general, are pretty pathetic compared to elsewhere in the world. But for some reason, Greeks here think it's luxurious and something special. I don't get it.

Btw, hold onto your hat, Mrs. Field's has landed in Greece. The owner contacted me and wants me to plug his store. No agreement was reached since he wanted me to do it for free.