Monday, January 18, 2010

Look, it's Louks, a Greek food truck!: Louks, LA + OC

Attack of yet another hipster food truck? Not so much. When I read in the LAIST about the latest and well, kind of my dream come true truck - a Greek one, I resuscitated my twitter stalking following list and zero-ed in on Louks, short for Loukomades; deep fried donut holes drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nuts and cinnamon. Looking at their menu online my heart twitter pattered of the thought of honey feta fries and loukomades smothered in nutella. I alarmed my dad, who in turn alarmed ten other people who in turn kept prompting me for the exact location, not understanding the concept of glorified roach coaches, much less twitter. I tracked them down to a location in Newport Beach, by this time my car was full of hipster food truck virgins (ok so I took my entire family including brand new sister in law) and unaware of the mobile food truck scene in the OC I hustled everyone down PCH to be there at 6pm for first come first serve rights, giving my passengers full disclosure of a potential mob scene upon arrival. However, when we arrived it was completely serene.  
Sigh of relief. 
My dad and I made a quick huddle, deciding to order basically everything on the menu. Go team!

I was happy to see Greece's #1 yogurt brand, also readily available at your local super market, Fage, in the case. I tweeted with Louks suggesting they sell Epsa lemonade, the best sparkling lemonade on planet Greek earth, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for greatest stuff on earth to wash down Greek food from a truck will soon one day appear.

We eat copious amounts of garden in my family, so we started off with 3 Greek salads. We attempted ordering the watermelon salad on the menu, but they didn't have it. Watermelons aren't in season anyway. The salad was a no frills Greek salad with a good dose of balsamic.

Next came 2 orders of the glorious feta honey fries. The honey and feta warm together against the fried potato slivers created a harmony of sweet, salty and fried/fatty goodness. Delicious, I just wish the fries had been browned a tad bit more.

Two orders of the loukaniko plate. Loukaniko is Greek sausage, not to be confused with loukomathes, Greek donuts. The Greek sausage was the all around group favorite and now I have the perfect excuse to use the phrase:

"Once you go Greek, it makes the rest look weak."

There, I said it.

Go ahead and smirk and say what you want, but this plate was amazing. The sausage had a slight snap to it, lots of lemon and lots of meaty juices. The surrounding fries and bottom layer of pita soaked up these juices and also made themselves available for mini sausage pita sammies. So good in fact, I didn't gripe when the backseat opened up an order and started eating them in my car (that, and they fed my pie hole so I was too full and happy to get nazi).

Three chicken gyros. Yes, I was happy to see actual shaved chicken gyro meat, just like they have in Greece (as well as the fries inside). The meat was well seasoned and the pita was super fresh and soft.

Three orders of beef gyro. Really nice thin shavings of gyro meat + fresh tomato + red onion + tzatziki + a coupla fries = perfect gyro. There is controversy over putting lettuce in gyro, which is basically a cardinal sin at most gyro stands in Athens, however I do believe some Greek-style establishments that Greek friends don't let their friends go to like Daphne's, for example, put lettuce in their gyros.

You can't go to Burgerville and not order a burger (har har, inside Oregonian joke), just like you can't go to Louks without ordering Loukomades, specifically, the nutella sort. The loukomades were also one of the superstars of the night: one nutella and one honey. They were perfectly crunchy fried on the outside, holding up well to the nutella/honey smotherings and airy/doughy on the inside. The nutella ones were more of a noverlty item, not classic Greek by any means, but they have been popping up in Greek festivals throughout Southern California as of late. Honey is the traditional loukomades accompaniment and they proved to be better (and in much cooler shapes) than most I've had in the last few years.

Without trying to sound too biased for a food truck representing my heritage, Bravo Louks!
And now I will promise to reserve my somewhat obnoxious Greekness for the next few posts, but I will continue to follow Louks for another round of loukaniko and loukomades.

(949) 610-5577
On the streets of LA & OC
Find them on twitter:


Diana said...

I used to put fries on my burger when I was a kid -- what can be better than fat on fat?

Well, actually honey and feta on fries apparently -- yum! :)

Gastronomer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your enthusiasm for Greek food. Glad to hear that Louks made a great first impression.

Any chance you'd be up for coordinating a blogger feast at your fave Greek eatery? I'd be down ;-)

Peter M said...

I'm diggin this Greek cafe on wheels. This guy's gonna make a killing at lunch an when the clubs close.

Banana Wonder said...

Diana, Was age 11 the last time you had a burger? Anyway, screw the burger and go for the honey feta fries!

Gastronomer, Thanks for reassuring me that I'm not too obnoxious ;) I would *LOVE* to coordinate a blogger Greek food feast! Will talk deets offline ;)

Peter, What better way to end a night than with a gyro?

yutjangsah said...

Opa! What does that mean by the way? In Korean, it means brother! Do Greeks allow their friends to eat at Le Petit Greek? That's my fave Greek resto in the world. So delicious. Bring on the flaming cheese please. Brother!

I was also shocked to read in The Man Who Ate Everything that his food phobia was Greek Food. Thank God he got over it.

Maria said...

So cute! Love this truck, I wish it wasn't on the other side of the country!

Banana Wonder said...

Yut! Brother! I kind of like brother better than just ol OPA, which means something like an excited "Heeeeeeeey" or " Let's doooo thiis!" type of deal. I read the man who ate everything and was sad about him hating on Greek cuisine so much. He musta been burned by the flaming cheese at a very young age. Oh and yes, I approve of Le Petite Greek! Owner does spartan work outs in his backyard too! Brother!

Banana Wonder said...

Maria, Oh, but you have the reeeealy good Greek goodies out East. Like REAL Greek cheese. By the time "real" Greek cheese makes it out west it tastes like funk to the fifth power. Better off sticking to the Manchego.