Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Me vs. Wild Boar, I Win!: Thai Patio, Hollywood, CA

"No one ever wants to order it!" Greek Tutor GT lamented on the subject of wild-ish meats, ugly animals and Thai Town. It was the # 39 wild boar in pepper sauce at Thai Patio, located in a strip mall with about 5 other Thai restaurants. Thai Patio is the one in the front with the "A" rating, looking the most non-Thai by birth friendly, but known to rage with live Thai rock bands once the sun sets.

I would not on normal circumstances set foot in a place like Thai Patio because I prefer Thai restaurants with "B" for better ratings. Alas, GT had dangled the wild boar carrot and we had to go. As much as I try to be like Jesus and/or Devendra Banhart and see the beauty in all things, wild boars are ugly animals and I want to eat/kill them with a sharply pronged object. As soon as the dishes were set in front of us, I dove in to the plate of boar. The meat was sinewy with very little fat. The dryness and toughness of the meat, soaked up in a rich pepper-berry beaded sauce, gave the feeling of eating a real wild animal. GT made a not-so-high-on-the-food-chain move and put an entire branch of pepper berries in his mouth like the wild boar made him do it.

Of course we ordered the obligatory, my favorite, pad see ewe with soft tofu. This dish was spot on: soft, eggy, salty, slightly sweet and slightly bitter from the wild greens.

And since GT don't do carbs but gets jiggy with le fruits de mer, we got the seafood salad. It was tangy, sour and fresh. We were both too lazy to break open the little crab legs and scrape out what little meat was inside, but the gesture was nice anyway. Oh, the starving children in Africa!

Thai Patio
5273 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 466-3894