Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Days Later: My Birthday, Blogged

Being the 29th of December, it's an appropriate day to blog about my 29th birthday bash my friend, Joan, put on for me at her place in K town 10 days ago. My glorious friends brought some delicious food:

I'd like to think the bananas were supposed to be some sort of symbolic table decoration, but people actually ate them. Bananas are cool to eat anywhere!

My friend Ruchika brought delicious potato samosas with two chutneys.

My friend Debra made her mom's famous "Summer Salad," a vibrant display of marianted veggies.

My significant (m)Other made spanakopita.

My Greek-Argentinian uncle Nick sent a tray of ham and cheese Sandwich de Migas from Rincoln Argentino in Glendale.

My friend, Shelley, made a delicious orzo salad (pictured of table). Katrina made a bowl of angel food cake, jello and pudding.

My friends from Oregon submitted their summer sausage entry.

Joan, the hostess with the mostess, made a red velvet cake from scratch with banana lettering.

It was one of the best birthdays ever!

Shelley, me, Debra, Ruchika (from left to right)

Childhood-volleyball-Cupertino friend, Debra and Joan.

Friends from college in Portland (Judah and Sema, above).Good times.

Making a wish and blowing out the candles!


yutjangsah said...

That looks like fun! I don't know why I wasn't invited!

Diana said...

Such a pretty dress! Sorry I missed out on the fun! (and red velvet cake!)

Banana Wonder said...

Sookie, You will be there for my durty thirty no doubt!
Diana, Thanks TALF! You can borrow it whenever you want. Joan's Rv was tops.

Kung Food Panda said...

Happy Belated! Looks like you had a blast! :)

SinoSoul said...

I see sausage. yumm.. sausage... from Portland? does it come in venison? Can we all go to Portland and do a lil kumbaya with the oysters? and the salmon? and .. venison?

Banana Wonder said...

Kungfood, Thanks!! hope to have fish tacos w/ you in 2010!

Tony, nope, just regular ol summer sausage. I wish it was venison! Yes let's go to p-town and have an oyster kumbaya fest. Amen brotha!