Sunday, November 15, 2009

Strudel Me: Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Cafe, San Pedro

After traveling to Vienna last year I've become slightly obsessed with all things Austrian and even Hungarian (I know, not the same place but similar stuffs), and thus have been stalking Mishi's on for the past few months. I begged my friend Katrina, who works in San Pedro and is a Mishi's Strudel expert, to take me there on a side trip while heading down to Long Beach for a party. They have a variety of sweet and savory strudels, including the 'tis the seasonal pumpkin, which is what we opted for. The strudel was flesh, flaky and light. The pumpkin filling was just slightly sweet, with a tang of acidity. The guy running the front was the son's owner, who made me a fresh cup of decaf (yeah, just call me Mister Rogers) to go along side the strudel delight.

 Fresh Pumpkin Strudel ($4.15) & Decaf ($1.65)

A popular savory strudel is the cabbage ($3.95) varietal, which I grabbed to go. It was handed to me wrapped up in a nifty box with heating instructions to boot. How Hungarian of them?!

Being the poppy seed junkie that I am, I was excited to see poppy seed pasta which I will be back for, mark my words. San Pedro is neglected.

Mishi's Strudel Bakery & Cafe
309 W 7th St.
San Pedro, CA 90731


Diana said...

Hmm cabbage strudel. That's something I don't think I want in my mouth.

yutjangsah said...

I love the font on the window and the little curtains. That strudel looks delish. S. Pedro is neglected. I agree.

Gastronomer said...

I love to-go packages that include instructions on how to properly reheat. Such attention to detail! The only strudel I've ever eaten is a Pillsbury toaster one. Wah wah.

Banana Wonder said...

Diana, haha no cabbage in la boca? But it's ruffage ;)

Yut, Yeah I want to go back for the berry strudels and the crepes and poppy seed pasta. Then I will dance in the curtains like no one is watching.

Gastro, Just Pillsbury? I remember those from back in 5th grade. Time for you to go to San Pedro my dear!