Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mafioso Style: Taylor's Steak House, Korea Town

 It was Greek Tutor's idea and lots of hair gel was involved.
Get dressed up mafioso style and have a swanky dinner at Taylor's Steak House, a supposed mafia hang out in the 1950's when the place was newly built. The mahogany vinyl booths don't lie.
We walked, Greek Tutor GT double fisting two California Cabernet Sauvignons, and were led by our bow-tie clad waiter to a burgundy leather booth with a view of the bar.

The thing about steak houses is that I get confused and scared. I'm not a big meat eater and I've never eaten an entire steak in my life. As our wine was uncorked and bread, baptized in white cloths, was served, GT chimed in,   
"Eh guys, why don't we get an appetizer to start."  
I spotted one of my favorite things to order at a restaurant, something too daunting to make at home: Crab Cakes ($15.95). And we all agreed. All crab and no fillers. 

We decided to get soups / salads as well since we were going all out on our dinner. Ziad selected the french onion soup ($4.50), a nod to the classic, rich beef onion broth and melted cheese. Ziad was a happy mad man. GT got the special soup of the day: clam chowder, which was the ringer- a unique version of clam chowder - not overly creamy or heavy. I couldn't decide and didn't want to get the soups since the boys already claimed them so I went with the plain old dinner salad ($3.50). Tzzzzap! Mistake. It's basically a pool of ranch dressing with a few lettuce leafs.

Next came the mains....
Again, I failed the test ordering the Shrimp Alexander ($28.95) with beurre blanc with house made potato chips and creamed spinach as my sides. I don't know what I was thinking. Mr. Raul the bow tied waiter's eye's lit up when he was describing this dish so I went for it. The poor shrimps, bless their hearts, were over cooked. The creamed spinach was the best -worthy of any Senior Nursing Home - a hint of nutmeg, a few slivers of almonds buried away and just the right amount of creaminess.

Ziad got the prime rib. Massive meat attack.

Greek tutor, again, knows best. Fillet Mignon Bordelaise ($31.95). Smoked bacon wrapped tenderloin with mushroom sauce bordelaise and two veggie instead of the potato since the GT don't do carbs. He saw my eyes get big and cut me a huge piece of his steak and shoved it in my pie hole. Party it my mouth. No, more like a Beethoven symphony in my mouth. He sectioned off another piece of his meat for me after he saw me not eating my shrimps. Good GT.  We got a side of sauteed fresh mushrooms ($4.95) for the table for Sh*&ts and giggles.

Ziad's GF, Donna, came by after for the final slices of carnage and a textbook grasshopper.

And yes, I dressed as an 80's flapper. I couldn't resist not wearing my coral One-Z from Urban Outfitters.

Taylor's Steak House
3362 West 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 382-8449


Anonymous said...

Next time get the Molly salad, I think that is the name, very good!

Banana Wonder said...

Oh is that right? Dully noted for next time!