Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going Rogue: Pailin Thai, Hollywood

When my life long childhood - volleyball - minister of fun friend Debra texted me that she'd be in town for the Pepperdine/LMU volleyball games I figured I'd be cooped up in a gym all weekend catching glimpses of my friend giving huddle pep talks and random spurts of coaching from the bench. Sorta boring, if you ask an ex volleyballer, but I wanted to support my friend.
The tides turned when she texted me again saying that she'd be free all day Friday. My mind raced with a slue of fun-delicious activities we could do. I thought about Brentwood and Compartes Chocolatier. Then remembered the parking, self inflicted mild coronaries, traffic to and from the Eastside, anxiety, and high blood pressure. I didn't want to scare Debra with my road rage, even though she'd probably still be my friend.

Hollywood would do just fine.

After a Scoops initiation session (they happened to have the flavor she's been dreaming about on that day: Horchata), we rode the red line to Hollywood and Vine for some good old fashioned Walk of the Stars action. Debra found some pretty schweet shades along the way.

After walking and dodging all the koolat wearing tourists from Wisconsin, we were close to starvation. My favorite B rated Thai hole-in-the-wall-no-corkage-BYOB joint came to mind and we just so happened to be outside of Fresh and Easy (or Stale and Difficult as I like to call them). We stopped in for some libations and then set sail down Hollywood Blvd for some noshing, reassuring Debra on the way that B ratings are a sign of a good Thai food.

As soon as we straddled up to our booth the waiter / owner brought cups for our sparkling pinot grigio Fresh and Easy prosecco. Keepin it classy in Thai Town, y'all!

Since I was trying to appease my guest as much as possible, we ordered her favorite, Tom Yum soup with chicken. It was the perfect thing to get our Hollywood run haggard bodies going again (that and the booze, *glug* *glug*), plus ordering soup at Thai restaurants always makes you feel like a million bucks, with a silver bowl and flame. The broth was light and tangy with nice chunks of shrooms.

Next, I think Debra was eying the beef salad, Yam Neua so we got that. It was lettuce pounded with beef with a decent amount of heat. I actually ate a little of the meat and it was not overly chewy or fatty like I was expecting.

Pad see ew with soft tofu is my number one Thai lover. It's a little sweet, salty and comforting. Pailin's version is exemplary with bitter greens, large chunks of tofu, but not overly greasy. I got a little too excited and messed up the photo.

The experience can best be summed up my Debra's facebook commentary:
"B rating in the window, A rating in our tummies"
Amen sista friend!

Pailin Thai Cusine
5621 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 467-6775


Tom Degan said...

From reading excerpts of the book, one conclusion that is unavoidable is the woman's jaw-dropping shallowness. When telling the story of how she was confronted at one point with news reports that she and her husband Todd were going to divorce, one would think (indeed one would hope) that she would offer for the reader's contemplation a heartfelt description of her abiding love for her husband; how their union could not be tossed aside like some disposable camera - that she and Todd took their wedding vows seriously. No, there was none of that....

"Dang, I thought. Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd???"

TRANSLATION: If Todd gains fifty pounds, he's toast.

Thirteen years into their marriage, Eleanor Roosevelt was confronted with her husband's affair with her social secretary (and distant relative of mine - I come from a long line of home wreckers) Lucy Paige Mercer. After contemplating divorce, it was decided that they would continue their union. Years later, she confided to her friend, Joesph Lash, the reasons for saving their marriage. They were many and complicated. This, I can assure you, was not one of those reasons:

"Dang, I thought. Divorce Franklin? Have you SEEN Franklin???"

Ah, substance!

Tom Degan
Goshen, New York

SinoSoul said...

Apparently Tom Degan's smoking crack.

Now for some REAL comments. Pailin's got an extensive Issan food menu that's still mostly unheralded. Hit me up if you wanna go deep end on Pailin. We're taking some house made sausages, spicy chili dips with pork rinds, fermented bamboo salads, stinky pungent soups, oyster omelettes, etc. that most would NOT order (or would not know how to order)

Alex Abatzoglou said...

Tony, LOL. Word on the real comments. That came out of left field (or should I see East field?). I'd go back any time for some experimental Thai! I love sausages and weird fermented things - just as long as we have some beer with us ;) And, oyster omlette, well clearly YES. I'm glad you approve of Pailin. Let'z go!

Alex Abatzoglou said...

Ooopps, that was Anna A talking. I went incognito through my lil bro's acct. Tee heee heee ;)