Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A $15 trick to beat the Monday blues: Little Dom's, Los Feliz

One Monday morning between 8am and 12:30pm I was spazzing out. The room of 15 people was completely silent except for the continuous bubonic cough of the tester next to me. My brain was twitching from not sleeping the night before and from one too many Starbucks rot-gut coffees drank between the hours of 6am and 7:45am. I clicked my last answer and the test was over. Game over. I felt like poo but pepped myself up with the thought of Bulgarini Gelato just up the street. As I approached the window, the guy hosing the sidewalk gave me the "chop your head off" hand signal that the place was closed. My day went from a 0 to -1. So I headed back to Los Feliz  to go to Scoops, my best friend, and also meet my new best friend, Greek Tutor GT, there. I started feeling better. As GT chomps down on his raspberry chocolate cone, he busts out a:

"Lets go to happy hour. What time is it?" 
It's 2pm. 

Off to Hotel Figueroa for campari, gin and sodas like any decent Greek would on a Monday afternoon in Los Angeles.  Alas, poolside drinks in a Moroccan themed hotel in the middle of downtown LA would cause any normal being to lose track of time. 

We arrived Greek time, about one hour after our reservations at Little Dom's for their Monday Supper. Opps! My friends, Joan and Katrina, were 2 dishes deep by that time. But they are forgiving friends - not tapping their fingers on their wristband watches, no sir, they simply poured us glasses of Little Dom's house wine ($10).We started off with the shaved brussel sprout, parmesean and hazelnut salad. It was heavy on the roughage and flavor. Lots of raw green shavings, potent parmesean and a satisfactory amount of hazelnuts to balance the flavors and textures out.

Our courses were kindly interrupted by an additional order of rice balls, an ooey goey sticky oui wee (in the Snoop Dogg voice) of rice and pungent cheeses breaded, deep fried and topped with extra parm and herbs on top. These made my mouth very happy and furthered my mind from the morning's testing disaster. Little Dom's rice balls blow Tasca's balls out of the water and into the I.E.

GT is a stage 2 sommelier. That means he had to take a really fancy test in San Francisco that only half the people who take it pass. He was not having the $10 Little Dom's wine so he ordered a bottle of Italian Dolcetto. Ahh, yes much better.

For the main course: sausage ragu with polenta. I enjoyed the tangy tomato sauce, sparse bits of fennel laced sausage atop a bed of creamy polenta. My dinner patrons were a tad annoyed with the lack of sufficient sausages.

The final stage was a pumpkin cake. It was my first bite of pumpkin of the season, and I was expecting something much more sweeter. I would have preferred this for brekkie with one of my homemade egg nogg lattes. Alas, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to a $15 dinner and my Monday turned into a double chinned smile face. =))

Little Dom's
2128 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 661-0055


Unknown said...

Do they deliver as far as Greece?

Diana said...

Those risotto balls look amazing! I'd certainly come out your way for those!

Maybe to celebrate a better testing experience? ;)

Banana Wonder said...

Hey Cupcakes! I will bring you it personally when I visit your shop in Nafplio ;)Trade for cupcakes?

Diana, Yes to celebrate instead of try to forget ;) The balls are delicious and also quite festive this time of the year.

SinoSoul said...

killer f'ing bargain. EXCEPT there's zilch meat / protein in the menu. always wanted to do this tho, thanks for the reminder and happy thnxgiving!

Kung Food Panda said...

those risotto balls looks great!

Banana Wonder said...

Sinosoul, yes indeed - great deal Mister Bodybuilder.. may need to BYO Creatine when you hit this place up. Holler when you do because I am just around the corner.

KFP, yes they were the best balls EVAR. Let's go!