Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Spooky Time: The Franken Stand, Los Angeles

Tracking the life of mobile cuisine in LA these days is like a full time job. I've given up on trying them all. Now, I just single out a few that have caught my fancy. The Franken Stand, with an all 100% plant-based gourmet roster, had become the most recent apple of my eye. After much twittering and coordinating, I finally tracked down The Franken Stand at the monthly downtown LA Art Walk. I was on high alert, texting my friend the day before of the schedule. After hitting a live performance of Gustavo (oh, the hair!) at the LA Phil which my friend scored tix to, we meandered our way to the hipster arts scene a few blocks down and tracked him (not them) down. It was a one man show. With an entourage of scary things.
My friend and I each ordered The Wolf ($3), a zesty vegan chipotle spiked dog. I turned and saw a sea of interesting condiments, all vegan of course. I didn't want to completely kill of the flavor of my dog so I started off light with a squeeze of spicy brown mustard, a smattering of relish, a few squirts of veganaise and a couple of jalapenos. I turned to my non vegetarian friend, who had started on her dog and saw her give the nod of approval.

"I hate the taste of vegetarian things trying to be meat, but this is something else - really good!" she said, chomping down on her Wolf dog.
It was delicious and wolf friendly but you just have to catch them! Twitter works best. Next time I'm getting the witch: a sausage made with tofu and micro brewed full Sail Ale.

The Franken Stand
All Over Los Angeles


Diana said...

I'm not a hot diggity dog person, but I'm definitely on board with your new header! Fancy schmancy!

Gastronomer said...

So, if the vegan dog wasn't trying to be meat, what was it doing then? Please ask your bud what the "something else" was. I'm dying to know.

Banana Wonder said...

Diana, thanks.. still working on it. It's super ghetto now, but trying to do something at least!

Gastronomer, Maybe a vegan chipotle product? I will ask.. but it was nothing like a boca product that's for sure!