Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was Jewish in my Past Life: Noah's Bagels, West Coast USA

My best friend from childhood is dating a Jewish man. We were discussing our childhood the other night and couldn't name one Jewish person in our elementary, middle, nor high school who was Jewish. I realized that I didn't know anyone Jewish growing up but always seemed to like Jewish things. I grew up in Cupertino, home to Apple computer and heart of the soul-less Silicon Valley. My high school was 7o% Asian. All my friends were Asian (mostly Taiwanese), including my best friend. I grew up playing mah jong, eating red bean buns, and pretending and wishing and telling everyone I was half Chinese (and half Greek). I had no idea what "Kosher" was yet some how I loved matzo ball soup, bagels and lox. Never was much of a bacon lover. Ok I might have just lost half of the 14 existing followers for that comment, but I gotta stand for something, right? I loved the blue themed accessories for Hanukkah better than the boring red and green Christmas decorations. I was like, psh please, whatever, baby Jesus and the hoovering farm animals. I would repeatedly sing out loud the dreidel song learned in 3rd grade. I kept the dreidel my teacher gave me in my jewelry box. I loved it all. Especially the bagels. And from then on, I've decided Noah's bagels are the best, until proven likewise. Sure, I've tried the Mom and Pops, but they always end up being too dry, hard, and boring. Noah's bagels are chewy, soft, airy and have the best flavors like whole wheat sesame and cool seasonal flavors like french toast and pumpkin. Since I'm such a fanatic, I've surrendered my email address to and have been happily receiving nifty spam coupons (which I can't print out anyway since I don't have a printer). Props to Noah's and all that is Kosher. Mazel tof to my past life!

Whole Wheat Sesame with Carmel Apple Cream Cheese

Whole Wheat Sesame with Blueberry Cream Cheese

Noah's Bagels

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Jessica said...

You need to try Kettelman Bagels.