Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Eat Sushi in Laguna Beach: Mosun, Laguna Beach

I've been coming to Mosun like a loyal dog since I moved to Southern California in 2004. Sure, I've tried other places in, but they pale in comparison to Mosun's offerings. In fact, I am crazy enough to drive from my Los Feliz headquarters all the way to Laguna Beach for Mosun (and to meet OC friends) without hesitation. Yeah, it's Laguna Beach and the dust has settled since that show (and yes, Jessica from Laguna Beach, the Real OC often leads us to our table as the hostess). 1. Go on Friday. Everything on the menu is 50% (accept drinkies). Mosun has never let me down. I've celebrated at least 2 birthdays here, always finishing the sushi fest with little disco dancing upstairs at Club M - free entrance if you dine at Mosun. The same Japanese sushi chefs are always at the bar slicing and dicing away. I've shared many a sapporo with them and they'll make special rolls just for you and your guest if you ask nicely (and buy them some beer). One time they even made my friend in town from New Jersey a "New Jersey" roll. Don't ask me what was in it.

2. Order the obligatory large Sapporo and hot sake. Proceed to prep everyone at your table for sake bombs and then back out realizing everyone at the table is over the age of 24.
3. Order the Albacore with Crispy Onion ($7). Do not consult with the rest of the table, just order it. When it arrives, elbow dining companions on either side and grab their pieces to avoid jousting chopsticks.
4. Order the Firecracker Roll ($6) in honor of Anna's first roll ever at Mosun. I have never not ordered this roll, it's like paying homage to the Mosun Buddha. It's a tempura California roll sliced (the wrong way, mind you) and topped with spicy tuna.
5. Order the roll named after the place. The Mosun Roll ($6): basically a California roll with baked scallops on top and lots of yummy eel sauce. It's creamy, slightly sweet and warm. Another one of my mainstays.

5. Give a shout out to your veggie friends with the Banzai ($5.50) Roll. You can't go wrong with pretty tempura style veggies and avocado. Because sometimes you just need to clean the palate before consuming more fruits of the sea.
6. Raise hell. The Diablo Roll ($7) is a perfect example of a fusion success story: crab meat and spicy tuna topped with yellow tail and jalapeno. Because sometimes it's nice to hurt a little.
7. Order something else deep fried. The Alaskan Roll ($7) with avocado, crab, and cream cheese brings out my inner glutton and makes my pie hole happy.
8. Toast to Hello Kitty. Every time I drink Sayuri sake I feel like I'm getting in touch with my inner Sanrio self, boozing with Hello Kitty and Keropi. Now all I need is my pencil box and matching eraser that I will keep permanently in it's cute little plastic wrapping. This is the perfect ending to a night of my favorite sushi before hitting the dance floor (preferably leaving the pencil box at coat check).


680 S. Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 497-5646

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