Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hecho en Los Feliz: Machos Tacos, Los Feliz

If you've ever been to my neck of the woods, cruising up Vermont Avenue just past Hollywood Blvd while dodging visiting hipsters pretending to live in Los Feliz (come on, we all know the real hipsters live in Echo Park), you can't miss the large orange sign right next to the car wash constantly being boycotted for labor abuse. It's one of those places that gets overlooked for the more hip seen-and-be-seen places. But if you've just hiked to the top of Mt. Hollywood, drank a bottle of champagne (ahem), are slightly haggard in apperance, and oh look, it's 10:30 PM on a school night - well then boys and girls, it's time for Machos Tacos!

I walk by this joint every day. They write interesting specials on a chalk board, but the same items are on the menu, such as the sweet potato tacos. The surrounding cement is always moist from the car wash next door.
Read it and weep, "A" rating baby!I have a strong affinity to anything with a matador theme (high school mascot) so I dig the wall paintings and cry a tear of pride and joy to my Alma matter.

The food is freshly made, cheap and tasty. I got the vegetarian burrito (hold the rice) for $4.50. It came steaming hot in a doughy flour tortilla. When I split it open from the middle, a burst of re-fried beans melted together with sour cream, cheese and guacamole came spewing out.

My life long friend Debra and I split the sweet potato tacos, which they deep fry to order then add fresh lettuce and tomatoes. The sweet potatoes were mashed up, yet firm creating a lovely contrast with the crisp taco shell and fresh, cool veggies.
Putting toothpicks in the "raw" tacos before frying.
Sweet Potato Taco Monster. Debra got the steak and chili taquitos which she greatly enjoyed. They blister fresh chilies, add meat and fry to order. The red and green salsas offered with all dishes have quite a bite but very nice.
And the plating...Besides the delicious red and green salsas, they also have an all you can slather Aloe Vera bar, which sunburned Debra greatly appreciated after playing beach volleyball all weekend and exposing her Northern Californian epidermis to the So Cal UVs.
Machos Tacos
1670 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Diana said...

Those sweet tater tacos sound awesome! Looks good, TALF. You got some good eats out there in your hood, and I very much approve of the A rating.

Banana Wonder said...

Hah glad you liked the A rated. BRAT approved ;) You have an open invite to my hood anytime you please miss hancock park / weho.