Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best of Both Worlds: Silverlake Wine & Porto's Bakery

An Eastsiders' dream come true. What could be better in asphalt melting weather than cool French summer wines and tasty Cuban treats from Porto's? The answer is nothing. It was a hot Wednesday and I was in a hurry, bulldozing a grandma on the red line and avoiding eye contact with everyone except for my colleague who I ride with for two stops. Must get home, change out of my constricting, stuffy and now sweaty work attire to meet my friend Diana, who's always prompt. As soon as I burst into the doors of Silverlake Wine I saw the kind face of Matt from Mattatouille and the rest of the cool LA food blogger group: Danny from Kung Food Panda, The Teenage Glutster, and Two Hungry Pandas. We started off with one of my favorites of the night (above): Domaine J Laurens Cremant de Limoux NV France. It was cool, refreshing, not too sweet and not overly bubbly. Just right. We were all presented with a tray of sammies from Porto's Bakery: the famous Media Noche (Midnight Sandwich) with ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, mayo and mustard on a toasted sweet roll and the Turkey and Cheese Croissant. I'll be honest with you, I'd rather drink wine than read about it, unless I read all the things I know I defintly like in a wine like "deep red color" and "blueberries." I find wine labels to be more interesting. The following is a list of the wines sampled. The Picpoul, I've had at Fraiche and enjoyed immensely, however, the night at Silverlake it tasted like taking a shot of vodka for some reason. Matt explained how it paired best with light seafood and the light went on meanwhile back at the ranch I was nibbling on a Pastel de Carne. This could be why.
The second round of pastries came in: Refugiados (guava and cheese pastry) and Pastel de Carne (meat pies). Oh in case you hadn't noticed, my vegetarian tendencies escaped me. The Pastel de Carne was just like the Greek version of a kreatopita (meat pie), exactly the same.
We proceeded on to the roses and Matt brought out the "carrot:" his special reserve bottle, limited edition not for sale mind you, of Saarloos and Sons rose. It was phenomenal! I felt so special to be drinking and sharing it with such cool and interesting people *blushing*And the last tray of goodies: the famous Potato Balls (Papa Rellenas) and Cheese Rolls. Now, I am a spoiled, because a Cuban colleague of mine brings boxes of these in every month or so. I mean boxes and not recession style boxes. Enough for each corporate slave to have four potato balls and four cheese rolls with left overs for all the 25 and under males to have. I love them both and this is another time I make an exception to eat beef. Plus the beef is covered with mashed potatoes and fried in bread crumbs so it's kind of disguised.
The last wine had the coolest label and is from the Swiss Alps. I thought of my friend and future BFF centarian, Debra, who played professional volleyball in Switzerland for two years (and I regretfully did not visit while living in Greece at the same time) and had to take a picture in honor of her. It would be the perfect wine to take up to Mt. Hollywood on a full moon night to drink at the top.
Besides the tastings, I liked the organization of Silverlake wine and solid selection of my favorite, Austrian wines. I will be back for sure, shopping bag in hand! In the meantime, roses are yummy and I give props to the men secure enough in their masculinity to drink them (not to be confused with pink Zinfandel).
Silverlake Wine
2395 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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