Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pinkies up! : Pinkberry, Los Feliz

Approved by hipsters in training, metrosexual and homosexual men alike (BTW is there such thing as a metrosexual female?).

I never step foot inside the Pinkberry. It bothers me just like Kentucky Grilled Chicken does.

I really don't do it. I am a Scoops kinda gal. I have two of their plastic cups which I recycle profusely with $1.75 refills and have a prolific crush on their vegan maple oreo ice cream and the handle-bar mustached scooper. My Scoops ritual involves walking past Pinkberry brandishing the big long bird or half a peace sign as my mother prefers to call it. I don't need no stinking Pinkberry! But the truth is, I got a free pass for a free $3.95 parfait, so hey, I'll take whatever is free and in my neck of the woods, even if they spell my name Mexican style. The truth is, the Jonas Bothers blow and the Pinkberry Parfait is not worth $3.95.
1726 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 661-0411


Ruth Abatzoglou said...

I am so glad to hear you are a recycler! You learned something from your mom. I love you with one n or two. peace out....Love MOM

Banana Wonder said...

LOL woohooters! thanks mom! woot! You taught me the right way to recycle. peace love and all of the above.

Diana said...

Now I know why you are so anti-Cantaloop. Have you ever been? It blows the pinkberry biznatch right out of the water!

Banana Wonder said...

Diana, ok Cantaloop next time.. never tried it so can't knock it. And I trust your prudent judgement.

Pete Inc. said...

I am at scoops at this very moment.

Banana Wonder said...

Pete, hate you!