Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Oldest Man I Know: Birthday Cake for Grandpa, Huntington Beach

To the oldest and smartest man I know: my grandpa.
Have you ever seen a 6'4" 91 year old bean pole, wearing a pirate patch across his left eye, walking the streets in semi flared burgundy polyester pants? Yup, that's him. My grandfather, Edgar. Reigning from Pierpont, Ohio (a place even Ohioans have never heard of), son of a bee keeper and the only one from his graduating class at CalTech to attend current alumni reunions. So, happy birthday grandpa and here is the mocha cake with strawberry and nutella filling I made for him. Oxnard strawberries from the farmer's market and nutella.
Mocha cake (made from the box, added Greek instant coffee and several shots of espresso).


Unknown said...

I can't imagine that combination together, but it looks delicious. Happy birthday G-pa Edgar!

Banana Wonder said...

It sure aint peach pie, but you'd like it!