Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lentil capital of the WORLD: Moscow, Idaho

Just one weekend short of missing the lentil festival and tour de lentil bike ride, I made it back from my 5 day trek to Moscow, Idaho. I know what you're thinking, you thought for a sec, I was in Moscow, Russia didn't you? Nope! I came to witness my 30 year old professor-proud first time home owner-Dr. Thunder-brother turn 31. It wasn't any easy trek from LA - I flew to San Francisco, then to Spokane, then drove 100 miles southeast to Moscow. But it was worth it!
Highlights include:

Huckleberries and Walla Walla Onions.

Guns, hunting, fishing, oh my!

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

Huckleberry doughnuts made fresh to order at the farmer's market.

Dr. Thunder trekking through his backyard.

Back side of house and view of Moscow. Those there are lentil fields!

And finally, we celebrated with a chili taste test.

Washed down with locally brewed beer from Centralia, WA.


fam. Constantinides said...

Welcome home, you made it and you did it again!! Kisses Marion

Banana Wonder said...

Thanks Marion! Fillakia