Saturday, August 22, 2009

Definitly Not Weak: Le Petit Greek, Larchmont Village

I felt bad for recently throwing up my primordial blog on a thread on one of my every day ritual readings,, realizing that I haven't been doing enough to celebrate my Greek heritage. Well, shoot, I might as well start with my latest Southern Californian Greek venture: Le Petit Greek, in glorious hush-hush-don't-tell Larchmont Village. Larchmont Village is a place that you notice on top of Mt. Hollywood looking down at the urban metropolis of East LA when all of a sudden your eyes catch a patch of mysterious greenery in the middle of all the flashy pants billboards, concrete and the occasional palm tree. Yes, that's the exclusive secret garden of Hollywood that no one wants you to know about. But too bad, a dog can smell his own and I found you, Greek restaurant. Well, actually, my friend and Greekophile, Danielle, found you and took me there.

I had a glass of the house white Greek wine ($8) which was refreshing on a hot summer summer evening. My DP swears by the house Greek red and its food friendliness so I'd be more apt to try this in the fall or winter. The complimentary pita with olive oil and a horiatiki (Greek village salad) was a classy touch. The salad was beautiful, fresh, and no iceberg lettuce in sight, thank god!
We got two mezedes: saganaki ($10.95) and the gigantes ($10.95). The saganaki was amazing! If you've never had flambeed (table side, of course) Greek cheese before you are missing out and I feel sorry for you. It's a tangy white cheese lit on fire with ouzo or brandy, then spritzed with lemon wedge. The combination of the melty hot cheese, flammable booze and lemon is increds!The gigantes, giant white beans braised in a tomato and herb sauce, were nothing special and over priced. I can make a whole casserole of these in the confines of my abode for that amount. If anyone wants any, please let me know and I will make a batch.

The highlight was the vegetarian platter ($17.95) which came with lemon potatoes, grilled eggplant, spanakopita, hummus, tzatziki, dolmathes and braised vegetables. Everything was superb! The spanakopita had an exceptionally crisp-flaky phyllo crust. The hummus was very good (although not a traditional Greek dish).

Desert, also on the house, was a form of galatobouriko (custard pie), except they make theirs open faced with a kataifi bottom crust with whipped cream on top. I ate the whole thing - it was so creamy and luscious. It's kind of like a Greek coconut cream pie (obscure picture alert).
Le Petit Greek
127 Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel (323) 464-5160


Unknown said...

I'm drooling... mmmm.

Banana Wonder said...

Deb, come back to LA and we'll go ;)

Trina said...

Ooh, I've got 10 bucks to take you up on that offer for the homemade gigantes!

Banana Wonder said...

for sure! just too hot to turn the oven on now...