Monday, August 31, 2009

Coffee + Math: Bucer's Coffee House Pub, Moscow, ID

If you walk the full 100 meter dash of Main Street in downtown Moscow, Idaho you will see Bucer's towards the end, a dark sign, not trying to attract too much attention to itself. I was on a mission to do math and get my smarts on and this seemed to be the furthest away cafe from the University of Idaho campus - away from all the silly college students who pretend study at coffee shops instead of the library like a good 3.9 GPA student. You can ask any barista in downtown Portland (my Alma mater's city) and they could easily identify my cappuccino mustached mug as a wannabe study-ier, perpetually strung out on quad mochas, reading the Willamette Week when I should be doing my foreign exchange derivatives homework. Bah!

Exhausted after walking 1.5 miles to campus then working out in the state-of-the-art recreation center on campus, I was in need of a quick sugar rush. So many decisions but I realized it's been days since I'd had a cookie and I spotted the special sort: the Monster Cookie. The baristas diligently followed my gaze through the window case.

She knew.

"Can I have the cookie with the M & M's?"

I reached in to my wallet scrambling for loose bills. A Franklin or something.

"You get a free coffee when you buy a cookie."


"That will be $1.50!"


"Do you want me to warm up your cookie?"

This really helped me bust out of the quadratic formula.
I was so enamored the first day, I came back day two for more study time. I was extra hungry this time and encountered the same baristas. But this time, it was more like seeing an old friend.
Oh, hey, you again!

I wanted a fru fru coffee drink too and saw four different types of Cuban coffees on the menu. I wanted one with milk and my baristas bff recommended the Cuban Cafe Con Leche. She pulled some serious espresso and whipped up this bold, bitter and a little sweet masterpiece.
At this point, I trusted her with my life and asked what I should order...the quiche, a panini...

She asks me, point blank:

"What's looking good to you?"

"...Well the Greek Garden Panini..." before I could continue she cuts me off -

"-get that, it's SO good. It's one of my favorites. The tomato and feta cheese together, so good!"

Surprise again! It comes with a side, and she reads my mind by suggesting the kale cashew salad. All for $5.75. Wait, where am I again? This barista has been upgraded from bff to stage 4 female crush.

"Oh, you also get a free spritzer with your panini. What would you like?"
"Hazelnut, please!" I'm squealing and, Oh god help me, I sound like I'm five. I think I'm blushing now. I quickly grab my coffee and go into a far away room to do math.
Greek Garden Panini on a whole wheat foccacia with feta, cream cheese, caramelized red onion, roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic and fresh spinach.

Hazelnut Spritzer. Free.

Dark sign. Coffee machine!
Bucer's Coffee House Pub
201 S. Main Street
Moscow, ID 83843
Tel: (208) 882-5216


Diana said...

Hot dang! Take me with you next time you go to the Ides of Ho!

Banana Wonder said...

Fursure! I always need a tall lady friend in crime.

Benjamin Nieuwsma said...

Hiya Anna! I am working on a website for Bucers and was hoping to include a quote from your posting :) If that's not alright, then please let me know.

I'll have the site live sometime between now and Saturday and you'll be able to see it at



Benjamin Nieuwsma