Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gagga for Goat Cheese: Harley Farms, Pescadero, CA

When I die I'd like to be reincarnated into a Harley Farms goat. What else could you ask for playing king of the mountain with your fellow goat friends, taking in the daily balmy breezes off the rugged Northern California coast, and being milked by someone with an accent (clearly having an accent is conducive to superior milking). All this and an edible flower garden within arm's reach. Welcome to Harley Farms.

Coming from Los Angeles and complete urban sprawl it's often hard to believe places like this even exists, but thank god for small towns like Pescadero.
Just right off HWY 1 and pristine California coast line, is the turn off for Harley Farms. You can't miss the field of goats.
The happy goats are milked on site and you can even play with some if you so chose to. They might have a kid (baby goat) available if you time it right.
The owner is a lovely English lady. Perhaps from the country side?
First off, fresh whole goat milk ricotta. Amazing. Mild, lightly creamy with just the slightest tang. I could eat this with some fresh fruit preserves + bread + coffee and breakfast would be perfect.
Goat cheese tortes with tomato basil, "Monet" with herbs de provance and edible flowers grown from the garden on site, dried apricots with pistachios and cranberries with walnuts. All so good, but I'd have to give the gold medal to the "Monet," it's simple, beautiful and highlights the essential creamy and tanginess that goat cheese stands for.
Uhm, duh, you didn't think I'd forget to mention the ultimate goat cheese: feta. Hmmm, they gave it a good try, but alas, an English woman with a small goat farm on a rugged Californian coast line cannot be expected to make anything better than Greek feta. Props, though.
Goat milk soap and moisturizer products are also available, which are all ultra lux for your skin.
The aforementioned bi product? Yes, well olive oil. They make some herb and chili infused olive oils. Olive oil + goat cheese together = SWOON life.
PS. They also make a variety of frozen goat cheese raviolis available for purchase.
PPS. You can take an official tour for $20.
After stuffing my pie hole with loads of goat cheese samples and drizzles of olive oil, my hands were completely mucky (and I hadn't even touched a goat!). So nice to wash them off using some of that incredible goat soap.

Harley Farms
205 North St
Pescadero, CA 94060
(650) 879-0480


Shelley said...

Looks fabulous! Beautiful goat cheese products. I will have to pay a visit on one of my trips up north.

Banana Wonder said...

Oh yesh! I think you'd love it!

Unknown said...

Nice post. People who are very fond of domestic animals specially goats should definitely visit the famous Harley Farm. You can have the delicious cheese and learn the mthods to make it. The goats graze the verdant pastoral lands especially planted for that purpose. There are lots of attractions to look for in this farm. For more details refer Harley Farms Pescadero

Banana Wonder said...

Hi Ricky, thanks for stopping by. I wish I had more time to do all the activities available at the farm. Thanks for the link to add!

Anonymous said...

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