Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Empanada Soul Mate Found: Grand Casino Bakery, Culver City, CA

The search is over. I've found my spinach soul mate. It wasn't love at first site nor bite. I tried them once on a tip off from several empanada aficionados and thought, hmmm... this is pretty damn good, but I wanted to make sure it's the right fit. I had my guard up, just like the bacherlorette from season IV. So I came again and ate two more. And it was.... magic. Pure rustic spinach goodness and the perfect slightly doughy - yet golden - crust.

Hey baby.

Exhibit A: large shreds of spinach with optimal balance of white cheese and sauteed onions.

I'll stop now. But no visit to Grand Casino Bakery is complete without getting jacked up on a Cafe con Leche.

I've tried a number of their other goodies. The meriendas con crema and meringue con dulce de leche get the Argentinian stamp of approval. The ginger cookies are outrageous and will bite you in the culo as long as you a cool with it. The guava con crema pastry (below) was a pass, although worth a go-round. In my quest to find what's good, I keep trying a little of everything along with the Soul Mate Spinach Empanada, of course.

So next time you're stuck in traffic from the bowels of hell on the 10, stop by!

Grand Casino Bakery
3826 Main St.
Culver City, CA 90232
Tel: (310) 202-6969


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