Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taut Tapas: Tasca, Los Angeles

Visitation rights to Tasca for Angelino style tapas, vino and my totally awesome lady friends on a Wednesday night? Oh hell yes. Kind of empty around 6:30? Oh hell yes.
Wow, that was awfully nice of them to give 5 strapping young women such a large basket of bread and BTW, how do you divide 2 tablespoons of mediocre tapenade among 5 ladies?
I couldn't believe I just had the most non mind blowing salad of 2009. Boston lettuce topped with what appeared to be individually pre packaged salad toppings found on clearance at your local Ralphs next to the lunchables! How cute! They must have blown the budget on that lettuce.
The beef capricio was better, so said my red meat eating companions. It was prettier too.
Wait, I thought we were at a tapas bar? Oh right, this is Angelino style tapas. What the fuck is that? It's whatever they want it to be. So let's move to France, and have the halibut in paper with an Ethiopian ration of kalamata olives, tomatoes and herbs. Scratch the "s" at the end of herbs. It was one leaf of basil, so herb. Oh, and the potatoes? Close runner up for the yawn of the century.
Flank Steak. Juicy. Jealous, if I liked red meat. Potato envy? Yes.
What better way to conclude this boring wannabe tapas meal with desserts made with J-E-L-L-O. I can hear you back there in the kitchen, Bill Cosby! Want to grow strong nails? Eat this gelatinous Panna Cotta!
Ok, now put down your spoon and dive into this chocolate pudding cup. Adults call it Pot de Creme.
Gee thanks for yet another rip off meal from yet another over rated Los Angeles restaurant. The best thing here is the happy hour $3 sangrias at the bar.


Shelley said...

Oh my goodness, it was SOOO underwhelming! Maybe it was due to the whole Yelp dinner week, but we did not get the best of Tasca, that is for darn sure! Does it deserve a redo off their regular menu?

Banana Wonder said...

True... I think a real menu taste off is called for!

Anonymous said...

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Banana Wonder said...

No problem! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you got an A.