Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Le OC: Bonjour Cafe & Bistro, Dana Point

I'm a daddy's girl. But then again, what girl isn't? Going to Bonjour Cafe is pure bonding often on a monthly basis. You'd think my 62 year old dad must get menstrual cycles too the way we chit chat in the corner of the terrace area bombarded with dinky circular steel tables and my dad sporadically banging his fist on the table with a slight foam of the mouth reminding me I'm almost 30 and need to find a husband STAT. The waiters are French and the water boys are indigenous Michoacan. The cappuccinos are a must. Just order a double and don't bother mentioning non fat or soy. You might offend the French, stupid American!
Le French Toast? Oou Oui! The Suzette is grandeur illusions with a touch of Grand Marnier soaked into the egg rich brioche bread. No flambe, so don't get your trousers too twisted, but it does come in a pool of mango puree and fresh whipped cream to boot. My dad usually lets me eat most of his share too.
A little hardiness is always called for in the form of savory eggs. The Omlette de Provence is a good way to go: roasted eggplants, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh garlic. This is my favorite omelet of all time. And the potatoes are perfectly golden textbook.

Lagers be warned, they close at 3PM.

Bonjour Cafe & Bistro
24633 Del Prado Ave.
Dana Point, California
949.496.6368 fax: 949.429.0205


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