Sunday, December 21, 2008

Athen's Bites

Ahh, Christmastime in Athens. The smell of chestnuts roasting from the street vendors, the sound of cheesy Christmas music circa 1983, and parades of snooty Athenian women prancing around in their boots with the fur while and their male companion puffs away on Greek cigarettes and tries to look important on his cell phone. It's a love hate relationship with this city and one thing I love is the food.
First thing's first, is Vasso's Tsourekia in Kiffisia. They have been Athens' premier bakery for the last 80 years. Old school, yes. But no other bakery in Athens can top their golden, lightly sweetened bread with just the perfect hint of mastiha.
Packed and ready for the next lucky buyer.

Next, you are not complete as a person if you don't have a frappe. This is my favorite frappe in Athens, from a cafe towards the end of Ermou Street, right next to the Hondos Center. It's pure crack cocaine. Just be warned you will might not know what to do with yourself and massive caffeine high for the next 4 hours.
Moving on to my all time favorite morsel: the Spanakopita. Phyllo covered in a spinach and white cheese mixture. You can find spanakopitas on every block in Athens, but no two are alike. I've tried close to hundred in my time spent in Greece. This one was bought from the place that sells my favorite tyropita (cheese pie), which I love because they make it with Emmantel cheese. However, they had sold out the day I went so I got their spanakopita with a cappuccino.
As soon as your turn a corner or pop out of the metro, you will have an opportunity to purchase a fresh kolouri, a soft airy bread ring covered in sesame.
What else? Well, just a few times living in Greece I got sick of Greek food. I wanted sushi, so allow me to introduce you to my favorite sushi restaurant, Furin Kuzan. Some of the best sushi I've had! The fish is super fresh and all sushi is served on small elevated wooden boards. The staff is completely Japanese and they speak Greek with cute Japanese accents that even my Californian accented Greek can detect.


SinoSoul said...

how does one get a Greek frappe in LA? And wtf is it? pray tell. Merry Christmas! (for '08 and '09!)

Banana Wonder said...

Tony, you want a real frappe, you come to my place and I make for you ;) It's Greek nescafe (10x stronger than any other nescafe from any other country) blended with water using a special hand held frappe device only found in Greece half the cup is filled with foam, then add milk and sugar to your liking. Good stuff! Time to get jacked up.